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Wet Weather Horsey Fun With William Davenport

by | Apr 23, 2023

Hi guys! So, let’s talk about wet weather…

As I live in the wonderful wet United Kingdom, the weather is leaning towards the wet and cold side most days, especially in the winter. Recently it has been very wet and a couple of weeks ago it was just horrendous in the storm. With gale force winds and rain it doesn’t make the most fun or safe environment to ride horses in.
We have an outdoor school on our yard and its in a very exposed area, so wind hits you square in the face and makes the horses unpredictable and very fizzy! So, when the weather is against us, I’ve been doing what I can to keep Doug (my horse) happy!

Doug looking not too happy about the storm going on outside. At least he had a cosy stable to shelter in.

One thing we have been doing more than usual is lunging, it’s a great way to keep muscle up and give them a leg stretch. You can’t achieve all the aspects that you can when on their back, but its still a good training aid. I use a lunging aid on Doug when I do this, the equipment has a band around his back with a girth, with a band attached around his bum – this helps him engage his rear end. Side reins help keep him round, and together this will hopefully help him work from behind and get the back muscles working.

Besides from lunging, its great to just have a good grooming session when the weather is dismal! I like giving Doug a good groom all over and when doing this you can also check for odd bumps, cuts and abrasions that could be from rug rub or other things. It’s a good way to bond with your horse while being on the ground. You can also train them to do little tricks in the stable, so for instance Doug now gives me a fist bump! If I hold my hand up to his knee, he will pick his leg up and bump my hand (then immediately look for a treat!! Haha).

Thank you all for reading! Let’s keep fingers crossed for a good summer to make up for this winter!

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