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Starting a Horsey YouTube Channel with Sam And Gwen

by | Dec 19, 2023

Starting a horse YouTube channel can be both fun and exciting at the same time. But there are always the one or two people that will try and stop you. Remember it is your passion, not theirs.

Hi, I am Samuel or as some of you may know me, Sam from the YouTube channel ‘Sam And Gwen’. Horse riding is a hard and mentally straining hobby especially if you are a boy. Some people recognise horse riding as a feminine sport just like gymnastics; but actually 33% of equestrians are boys. That might not seem a lot but if you put that into numbers there are about 990,000 boy equestrians in the UK. If that still seems small, think about that in global numbers, which means there are millions of boy riders in the world.




My horse riding journey started at the end of 2019 when I had my first horse riding lesson on a 14hh Cob with a lovely coat pattern called Tobiano. She was a dream to ride but sadly I only had 2 lessons on her mainly because Covid hit and the owner of the yard had to move premises. About 1 year later (after lockdown) we decided to carry on our passion to ride horses and started looking at yards around us that do horse riding lessons. We finally found a yard that did horse riding lessons. My first lesson there was on a horse called Holly. I kept on having lessons there every two weeks and I slowly progressed onto jumping.


In summer 2022 my mum and I were looking for a horse to loan as we didn’t think we could afford to own a horse. We saw a couple of horses for loan but none of them were suitable for both of us to ride. That’s until we spoke to our yard owner to see if there was horse we could loan at our yard; she mentioned that Gwen would be a good horse for us. My mum and I had a shared lesson on Gwen to try her out. She was really good for a horse that was new to our yard. As soon as I rode her I had that feeling that she would be our forever horse. We loaned her until 24th January 2023 when we got the option to buy her, so readers, we did!!

Ever since then Gwen and I have been jumping heights up to a metre and I have been filming videos for my YouTube Channel. She is child’s dream horse. Even though she gets a bit grumpy, but that’s mares if you want one.

You can find me and follow our videos at :