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Remember You Are AMAZING. With Lisa Keenan

by | Apr 23, 2023

This is our first blog by a mum, not a boy. Its a very important message for all our boys and girls to remember.

On the last day at the Jumping Championships of Great Britain at Cricklands, Oliver was very tired and lost his way for a split second on the final heat for the 10 and unders. It cost him a few seconds and came 11th just missing out on a rosette. Walking the course for 11 and under finals he was having real difficulty learning it (so was I to be honest!) Walking out Oliver said to me “there’s no point in me jumping this class as everyone is a better rider than me”. I told him he’s a great rider and just give it a go, it really doesn’t matter how you do just enjoy it. Oliver agreed to give it a try.

He jumped a lovely round to fence 8 then went into the jump off. Oliver lost his way and crossed his tracks when he remembered which was number 9. But was coming from a bad line and tired Tatty couldn’t jump it. He was eliminated. He left the ring quietly and was called to the judges box. Neither of us could understand why. As he opened the door the judge Bryan said some really heart warming words telling Oliver that he was such a lovely rider and handed him an extra special rosette.

It’s not only the most beautiful rosette this really is the boost Oliver needed. He is always so hard on himself if he gets it wrong. It’s hung proudly in his bedroom to read every day.
Huge thank you Bryan @davidbroomeeventcentre I had to hold in the tears of proudness. Proud mum.
Oliver can’t wait to be back again in April!

The rosette that Oliver was given is part of an important fundraising and awareness effort by the mum of Brodie Morgan, a talented equestrian who took her own life at 16. It encourages young people to talk about their problems and feelings and to always ask for help. This is an important message that we should all remember.