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Welcome to Issue 19

This issue we wanted to include Eventing, as the season is just beginning, and it really is an exciting sport, both to watch and take part in. Another equally exciting, but very different sport, featuring in this issue, is Shetland racing. Anyone who has ever ridden a Shetland Pony knows how tricky it can be, so we have to applaud all the boys and girls that race these mini speed demons all around the UK.

We hope you enjoy reading the equestrian career suggestions we have included from the British Horse Society, our tips for beach riding and Think Like a Pony's great suggestions for building a bond with your favourite equine.

We also have lots of fun activities to try this time, including some yummy Easter treats, a great quiz which will help keep your pony healthy, exercises from Henry to keep YOU fit, and the chance to win one of Pippa Funnells 'Pony Tales' books.

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