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AVAILABLE FROM DECEMBER 1ST In this issue, we have some great features for you to enjoy, including a bit of a cowboy theme. Who doesn’t love to play cowboy, whatever your age! Inside, you can meet the real UK cowboys, both those who do it for a job and some that compete in Western disciplines.

We celebrate our riding schools and the brilliant people and ponies that work in them, plus you can read about Ben - a riding school manager and BHS accredited coach. Perhaps this may be something you would like to do when you are older?

There are some great tutorials from professionals for you, giving you some fun and useful things to do with your equine friends over the winter. Mark explains how to keep the vet away, McTimoney have some brilliant exercises to keep your pony happy, Kieran helps you to think about pony personalities and Henry will show you how to be fit and strong, to make you an even better rider.

There are lots of readers just like you featured and don’t miss part one of our new story about a very special pony.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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