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Polework Is Fun! With Zachary Bradshaw

by | Apr 23, 2023

Hi! I am Zachary Bradshaw, I am 9 years old, and I do a lot of British Showjumping with my two ponies Woody and Mickey.
Me and my friends saw the Facebook post from Boys Ride Too and Equine PoleWork, and thought we would give it a good go.

Me, Matilda, Abi, Amelie and Samantha got cracking setting up some equipment using the guide. We had lots of fun setting up the poles and even more fun riding the mini fun course. We tested our horses ability by doing some trot and canter poles, and also some bending between cones and worked on our transitions to reassure that we had control of our horses and that they weren’t taking over. We had lots of fun and hope you can gather some ideas for a change of your routine as well as ours.

Woody rated this session 4 carrots out of 5 because there was no jump in his sight and he loves his jumping. Woody hopes you have a lot of fun and hopes you create an even bigger bond with your special ponies. We are definitely going to do more fun pole work activities from Equine PoleWork with our ponies. Check out the video of our session below!