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Where it all started…

Friends, Finn and Luke, have been riding together since they were 6 years old and are the reason that BoysRideToo was created.

They are both still horse mad at age 14 and through their years of riding have often felt as boys they were under represented in the equestrian world, both in the media and when it came to products aimed at them.

Mums, Kerry and Heather thought that perhaps they could change this and after posting about an idea for a magazine on Facebook, they were blown away by the overwhelming response that came from all over the UK and beyond.

So many stories of boys who felt they were the only one into horses, boys who were bullied for riding but also positive stories of wonderful experiences that boys were having within equestrianism and how horses were helping with wellbeing and mental health.

Heather is a full time Senior Wedding’s and Events manager. Finn is Head Boy at School, Explorer Scout, lover of history, drummer and general outdoorsy kind of guy. Finn is part of the Under 16 GB Team for The British Horseball Association who travel abroad to compete. Along with Heather, Finn is a re-enactment rider for the English Civil War Society – the whole family take part in historical re-enactment weekends. Finn is also a keen member of the local Pony Club and enjoys Show Jumping, Cross Country and Arena Eventing. Finn has twin sisters who are 13, Rose & Kate, who also ride and enjoy competing and hacking out, between the whole family they have 2 horses on loan. Dad, Gareth is on hand for any mechanical or technical difficulties and provides cups of tea and cheesy chips!

Kerry works in a school science department part time. Luke is an Explorer Scout, guitar player, a big music fan and D&D geek. He enjoys jumping, cross country and hunting with his horse Woody and any other horse or pony he can get his hands on. He also carriage drives his first pony Ellie, who was retrained when she was outgrown. Luke has a big brother, Rowan, who can ride, but prefers to skateboard these days. Dad, Andy is chief poop scooper and videographer whenever they are out riding together. Kerry and Luke own 5 horses and ponies and they take up the majority of their time.

Going from strength to strength…

Heather and Kerry, with the support of the boys, put a lot of time and effort into producing a magazine that is enjoyable and interesting for boys across a large age range, knowing it is the only magazine that caters specifically for them. It is not an easy task and they work on it all hours, but all of the team love what they have gained from producing the magazine.

They have met and talked with so many wonderful equestrians, learned a lot, had wonderful experiences and they hope this is reflected in the magazine and passed along to the readers. BoysRideToo magazine has a fabulous community of readers, their families and supporters of the magazine and the team are keen to bring more boy focused horse content and experiences as they grow.

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